Why Mobile Marketing Is the Next Big Thing

Search Engine Marketing, for a long time, has been one of the best forms of digital marketing. When search engine marketing first started, it was hailed as a revolution in the marketing industry. People search the internet and Google when they are looking for information or products more often than they use the yellow pages or the newspaper. As a matter of fact, the word “google” becomes synonymous to looking for information online.

However, the impact of this new revolution did not stop there. Advertising revenue for major newspapers took a hit because fewer businesses are using them to advertise their products. To a lesser extent, online advertising is also affecting revenues for television and radio.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

There are several reasons why traditional marketing is beginning to lose its appeal. In marketing, it is very important that advertisements are targeted to your specific audience; any more than that would be a waste of effort and money. Next, a way to measure the success of each of your marketing campaigns is critical. Why? From the data that you receive from the marketing campaigns, you are able to refine the different aspects of your campaign.

In online advertising, there are tools that will help you narrow your advertising effort to your intended audience. For example, on Google Adwords, you are able to run campaigns with key phrases that are relevant to your advertisements. For example, if you are selling a used washing machine, your advertisement will only appear if someone enters the relevant words like “used washing machine”, “cheap washing machines” or “budget washing machines”. With Google Adwords, you can see which advertisement has more CTR or “click through rate” that will actually end with a sale. For example, people who are looking for a “budget washing machines” may actually be looking for a new washing machine at a low price. With online marketing, you can remove the key phrase and run the campaign again. You can fine tune your campaign until you get the result that you want then scale accordingly.

Online advertising is also very effective on the social media. On Facebook, members willingly provide personal information on their profile, their likes and dislikes, where they are staying, their hobbies, personalities that they admire, the movies that they like and so on. All this information is a gold mine to a marketer. A marketer will be able laser target their advertisements exactly to their target market. A marketer can put forward a product right in front of people who are actually interested and will likely purchase the product. Similar to search marketing, you have access to data that measures the success of each of your campaigns.

On the other hand, it is difficult to narrow your audience and measure the success of your marketing campaign when using the more traditional advertising such as newspaper, magazine, television and radio. Very often, the advertisements are presented to a large number of people in which the majority of them are not even interested in the product that you are selling. Once you have run the campaign, you are able to measure the success only after a few months when you review your sales figures.

That said, what is the future for online marketing? If you ask me, mobile marketing is likely the next big thing in marketing. These are the why I say this:

  • The ownership of mobile devices has increased over the years largely due to a reduction in price.
  • As the name implies, mobility is the reason why people carry their mobile device everywhere they go. This is very conducive for time sensitive offers. Your advertisement is likely to reach your audience almost immediately.
  • Technology like iBeacon on mobile devices is a great enabler for location sensitive offers. This technology is currently underutilized but this will likely change in future.
  • Search engines and social media platforms are increasingly using location information of mobile device users to further refine the search results that they serve to the users.
  • Mobile apps are very popular to mobile device users; even more popular than the browser to the extent that the users prefer to use their mobile devices over their PC to look for certain information simply because it is more convenient and offer instant gratification. For example, they will use Yelp to find restaurants on their mobile device.

So, what does this mean to you?  It means that your presence on the online world must be optimized for mobile devices. Smart businesses will create mobile apps as mobile extensions of their website for their customers using the mobile device.

6 Useful Tips to a Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign

As the number of mobile users increase globally, many believe that mobile marketing will eventually attract more eyeballs than web browsing as a way for users to search for information and products. Without a doubt, businesses must take advantage of this trend in order to bring their marketing strategy to a whole new level.

Anyone who wishes to take advantage of mobile marketing shou

ld have a firm understanding of the most effective ways to use mobile marketing. Here, we will discuss some tips that will help you in your mobile marketing strategy.

  1. It is a fact that most mobile users make use of apps instead of the browser when searching for information on their mobile device. Hence, to gain any sort of foothold in the mobile space, you have to create mobile apps to help you introduce your products and services quickly, efficiently and in a very personal manner to your prospective clients and customers.

  1. In general, any form of mobile marketing is relatively cost effective and therefore, you usually have a luxury of choices at affordable prices. However, mobile technology is always rapidly changing and you absolutely need to be on top of things. My advice is that you subscribe to newsletters and network with experts in the field. There are many social media sites and forums that focus on mobile marketing and these sites are extremely helpful.
  2. An important aspect of successful mobile marketing is demographics. You should understand your target audience well and how to reach them effectively. You should be able to recognize how your target audience behaves when using their mobile device and applications.
  3. In mobile marketing, you have only a limited time to capture their attention. In the time that you are given, be sure that the offer, discounts or opportunities will truly attract the customer, deliver good value and motivate them to take action.
  4. You must be certain that the visitors that you are targeting have opted to receive your mobile marketing campaign. Spamming must be avoided at any cost. If you get a reputation for spamming people, it could ruin your mobile marketing campaign and the image of your company.
  5. Take the time to learn your customer’s behavior in the mobile space. You should closely analyse their buying history, how they interact with your applications and how they respond to your offers, deals and discounts. This effort will pay off in increased sales volume.

Mobile marketing is truly the wave to the future that is changing how companies engage with prospects and customers. It is vibrant, modern, immediate and exciting space that any company should adopt in order to bring their business to a new level of success.

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Mobile Marketing…Now

If you have run your business online for some time, you would have heard about the various common types of marketing methods including article marketing, banner advertising, pay-per-action, email marketing and so on. These marketing methods have been around for some time already and most businesses are using them with very good outcome. However, mobile marketing is still something that is not widely adopted by businesses.

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Mobile Marketing…Now

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Mobile Marketing…Now

Based on a recent global study[1] published on Statista that measures the mobile phone internet penetration, the number of people using the mobile phone to access the internet in 2015 is 52.7%. Based on historical data, this figure is expected to grow to 61.2% in 2018.

This trend presents an opportunity to scale your business to a new height and now is a good time to understand about mobile marketing and how you can take advantage of this medium as your future marketing platform.

So, what is mobile marketing? Mobile marketing is the ability to broadcast advertisements using the mobile devices.

An advantage of mobile marketing is the ability of the advertisers to communicate and engage with their target audience with a relevant offer in an intuitive and interactive way.

  1. When using the computer to access the internet, the advertising platform can present the visitors with advertisements that is relevant to the information that the visitor is searching. For example, when a person is searching for the sports scores, the visitor can be presented with advertisements for sports equipment, sports magazine subscriptions or tickets to watch the games.
  2. Mobile marketing gives an added dimension to the whole visitor experience. With the mobile phone, the advertiser is able to determine the location of the visitor. Now, the same person who is looking for the latest sports scores is presented with advertisements that are relevant to the local area such as a sports equipment shop where he is located.
  3. Mobile marketing is not restricted to the mobile phone browser. With protocols like iBeacon, a mobile phone user can be presented with an offer or promotions from a business that is located in the area. For example, if a person is shopping in a large boutique, the visitor can be served with advertisements offering discounts for the last season’s fashion line or limited time promotions on special edition handbags.

We live in a ‘right now’ society who expects instant gratification. With mobile marketing, your messages can be delivered to an international audience within seconds. Through our experiences, we know that people keep their cell phones with them all of the time.  This means that your message is always within arm’s length of your customers.

Like it or not, mobile marketing is the future and, at least for now with the least amount of competition.. Like all good things, this is not going to last.

[1] http:// www.statista.com/statistics/284202/mobile-phone-internet-user-penetration-worldwide/