Experimental Marketing

In simple terms, marketing is a concept where a company or individual helps a manufacturer or distributor to sell their products. Marketing is done by convincing the prospective buyer that they need or desire the product.

Over the years, marketers used different commercials that are clever, unique and compelling in promoting their products. The endless variety of commercials helps to keep the public enthusiastic about purchase the product.

Experimental Marketing

Experimental Marketing

Successful companies such as Pepsi and Coca Cola often hire large marketing firms or maintain a team of inbouse marketing experts to provide them with clever campaigns. These professional marketers spend hours and hours trying to put themselves in the customer’s buying shoes to figure out what compels the customer to make a purchase. They will study graphs, surveys and opinion polls on the customer’s purchasing behaviours and patterns. Once they are able to determine and understand their customers, they will be able to provide a product that is appealing and the way to draw the customers to the products.

In this article, let us talk about this powerful marketing tool called “experimental marketing”. Experimental marketing is different from regular marketing because rather than just explaining the features and benefits of a product, the customer is able to experience using the product first hand. If done correctly, this type of marketing can be a very effective.

Just to give you an idea how this concept works:

Imagine if a new car salesman came to your home with a brand new electric car. As you know, electric car is a brand new concept for most people and so, most people are anxious about purchasing such a car. The salesman knocks at your door and said, here is your new car. You will say that you did not order a new car. The salesman says that there must be a mix up and leaves the new car for a few days while he tries to figure out what happened. Meanwhile, during the few days that the car is with you, you drive the car everywhere. After that, your friends, colleagues or neighbors saw the car and becomes curious about the car. After the few days of using the car, you will end up falling in love with the car. When the salesman returns to take the car back to the showroom, you ask him if it is possible that you buy the car. Thus an experimental marketing sale has just been made.

In internet marketing, you can apply the same concept. You can allow your prospective customer a trial period to test your product and see whether the product can be useful for them. If they are convinced that the product is useful for them, the prospective customer has the option to purchase the product once the trial is over.